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Introducing our new all-day multi cuisine restaurant, Dalchini! As the name suggests, Dalchini, is a fusion of Rajasthani and contemporary design. The walls are illustrated with verses in Sanskrit, antique frames from the Raj era and a selection of articles from the New York Times showcasing historical moments from across the world. The island buffet set up ensures enough open spaces and vibrancy across the restaurant. The intriguing food menu is designed as a newspaper and serves multiple cuisines including Indian, Chinese and Western. A fine dining experience which is sure to leave your minds and hearts mesmerized.

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The Spirit of Jeypore

The Spirit of Jeypore is a modern and contemporary bar located on the ground floor of the hotel enjoying easy access for in room guests and outsiders alike. Jeypore being the old colonial British name for Jaipur encompasses the history and vintage feel of the bar. The design of the new bar is contemporary and chic, with a warm and intimate setting. Walls are adorned with bright golden wallpapers along with old, historic and antique prints of old Jeypore city. These antique prints highlight the beautiful city of Jaipur as it use to be during the late 19th and early 20th century. In particular the old maps of Jaipur and India are sure to bring back a nostalgic feel in a modern era. The chandeliers in the bar are made with bottles (yes bottles!) and give a unique feel. Overall, the attempt is to provide an intimate setting where people can come for a relaxed and quiet drink.

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